2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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Asking the “Why”

A good friend and filmmaker Adam Leon has given Caitlin and myself some invaluable support in our endeavors and in one of our first conversations around this film he asked the question “Why?” This crucial question is what every artist should ask him or herself before adding to the vast sea of expression that mostly only contributes clutter but on that rare occasion beauty. So often artists go astray by focusing on the “How” rather than the “Why”, an understandable mistake with the daunting work it takes to pull off such an endeavor, but unforgiveable for the art.

Caitlin, Emily, Susan, Salome, Emily, Eve, Liam & I will each answer uniquely, yet this question is what brings us together to create this film. Now. We have a story to tell – as women, at our age. And the medium of digital film is how we can, in fact must, tell it. The (please indulge me for just one moment) absolute beauty of working with this troupe is that they constantly ask the “Why” at each step, and then proactively accomplish the “How” simply to serve the “Why.” This film is coming into existence because of its six specific core female artists, now joined by our talented Director of Photography Eve Cohen and Assistant Director Liam Brady. Each collaborator has a generous, intelligent, passionate yet grounded voice, and the film that we are creating is a direct product of this particular chorus today. This story is the universal feminine, in a way that film never allows the feminine to be portrayed. I find an urgency for us to tell this story with these women this summer because our voices are right for it at this moment.

With age does come wisdom, or, at the very least, a more weathered, cynical perspective. The 20s are a time of incredible growth – evolution into one’s adult being at a rate truly unfathomable until experienced – resulting in an awareness and deeper appreciation of the world and the self. It is this exact moment between our eight artists that will culminate to create a specificity and truth that would weaken with time and age. The rawness of our main character’s journey must be told while this story is in my and Caitlin’s recent history, before time begets a more critical perspective on what is so palpable to us today. There can be no all-knowing tone of forgiving judgment in how we tell our story – in the writing, the acting or the filmmaking. This is the collective “Why,” and that Why is personal for each of us involved in this cinematic creation.



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1 Marcela Gonzalez { 06.10.11 at 11:22 pm }

Es increíble tener la sensación de que hay (por lo menos) un grupo de personas que quieren llevar a la pantalla algo tan fundamental para el ser humano como lo es el preguntarnos “porque?”, el mundo de hoy se desenvuelve en el “como” y por lo visto no con muy bueno resultados. Felicito al grupo desde México, les mando todo mi apoyo moral y solidaridad con su proyecto (espero que pronto también algo de dinero). Soy buena amiga de Salomé y me emociona que esté rodeada de personas que comparten su manera ir por la vida, como yo lo hago.

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