2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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Things it’s hard to learn without seeing

No matter what your position in the film business, you hear camera terms tossed around a lot. I do not retain numbers with decimals in them and my brain turns to mush when the conversation turns particularly technical. However, some things are easily retained once seen, in real terms. During our camera testing, our DP, Eve M. Cohen (pictured here), was working on the set-ups for the EX3 and the Sony F3, and she took an opportunity to show me something very basic an essential about cinema cameras (and cameras in general, I think):

What’s the difference between a half-inch and a full-frame sensor? (Sorry, Eve, my photo skills will never do your image any justice.)


See? That's the F3 on the right (Eve's left).

And now you know!

*Note: See comments below – Eve very helpfully followed up with the technical details involved in the experiment that lead to this photo.

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1 Eve M Cohen { 05.27.11 at 2:54 am }

Thank you for the lovely photo Emily.

Let me clarify a bit here. We are shooting with the Sony PMW-F3 as our primary camera and the PMW-EX3 as our “b-unit” camera. The F3 has a full frame CMOS sensor (super 35mm) with a PL mount for cinema lenses. The EX3 has a 1/2″ 3CMOS sensor with a standard Sony mount. You can remove the lens from the EX3 and replace it with a wide angle lens that fits the sony mount, or you can use a sony-PL mount for PL lenses, sony-nikon, etc…you get the idea. You can also remove the PL mount from the F3, and I had a thought that perhaps the PL mount from the F3 (being Sony) also fits the EX3 – but it does not. Hence the funny photo of me (with head cut off – remind me to give Emily a few framing tips) between the two “naked” cameras. Keep in mind because the two cameras have different size sensors, the same PL mount lens on each camera will yield a different field of view. I was just experimenting.

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