2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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Frances F Denny and why micro-budget can be awesome

This project has afforded us a tremendous opportunity to bring together talented friends from across the country, many of whom, like Jee Hwang, are donating their time and images to our story. Micro-budgets aren’t all bad, you know – we get to work side by side with many of these friends and learn from them as we go. I had the pleasure of acting as an impromptu camera assistant a few weeks ago, something that in a big-budget film I would never be asked to do.
In our story, one artist is a painter, and the other is a photographer. We have enlisted the gloriously talented Frances F. Denny to take the photos for our film. She has not only taken the time to photograph each of us (go take a look at the “Our Team” page, recently updated), but her incredible eye will become part of the visual landscape of our film. Her work is broad and irreverent, intricate and colorful.
Do yourself a favor and take a look at her website.

We had a wonderful time with her in Central Park, and can’t wait to reveal the next round of photographs on the big screen!


1 John Clapp { 07.16.11 at 7:27 pm }

Hi All,
We live across the street and I am fascinated by what you are doing. We live life as art. Film is a wonderful art. When Stephanie gets home we hope to have you over for a G&T or just Tea.
Keep up the enthusiasm and enjoy your stay in Paradise.

2 Emily Best { 07.20.11 at 5:16 pm }

John! Thank you for reading! We hope we don’t keep you up too late at night with our odd hours and insane schedule. (If we do, just shout!)
This IS paradise. It will be hard to get rid of us…
See you soon!

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