2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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6 Days!

We open the production office in Camden, Maine in SIX DAYS.
After the addition of Erica Anderson to our production team, we are really raring to go.
I just want to share a little bit of the feeling going on here:

The support of our friends, family, and creative community has been nothing short of breathtaking. I have said it before and it’s worth saying again that Camden’s open-hearted generosity has made possible what we were told was not possible. There’s a joke that if it takes one woman nine months to make a baby it should take nine women one month. I am starting to believe this group of women might be able to do it.

Being on a low budget means everything is DIY, and it’s actually surprisingly pleasurable: poring over the details of your own life to piece together the lives of these characters. We are spending our days collecting props from home, organizing craft services (catering), finalizing contracts, and crossing t’s and dotting i’s of our clearances. (As a side note – I completely understand now why “clearing houses” were invented. It’s a time consuming job. That being said, even the incredibly nice woman at Big Buck Hunter, from whom we have to obtain a clearance to film at Cuzzy’s bar, has visited the website, and sent her excitement and well wishes along with the contract.)

For those of you who have read the wish list and donated – you cannot imagine how much each little bit of your support has mattered to us. The little purchases we make funded by the wish list – the makeup, the hard drives, the coffee maker – are encouraging benchmarks for us that what started as an idea has fully manifested in reality, in all its minute and complex splendor.

So clearly we’re pretty pumped. There are still, of course, hundreds of details to attend to which momentum, excitement, or stress might cause us to miss. So when it seems intimidating I remember something my father taught me: just do the next right thing right. One foot in front of the other, even if it is a full out sprint until we wrap.

We’re making a movie!!


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