2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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4 Days! Maineness

Let me preface this, three days before we leave for Maine (and four before we open the production office) by saying I do love New York. I love living here.

AND I think we manage to get quite jaded living here without realizing it. We’re all so busy, it’s hard to live here, it’s expensive, it’s really hot or really cold, the subway is under construction blah blah blah.

You become an aggressive pedestrian. And angry bike-rider. The person who clips their toenails on the subway. (Yes, these people exist.) All sorts of things you swear you’d never be.

Which is why sometimes I think getting out of the city can feel like MAGIC.

Yesterday I spoke to John, the general sales manager at Shepard Motors Inc in Thomaston, Maine about using some vehicles of theirs in our film. Not only did John have great suggestions for vehicles once I describes to him the characters who would be driving them, he organized the loan of the vehicles with the owner (who we are excited to meet) and even offered us license plates from his own private plate collection. And THEN he said we should check out the website for his farm, Cross Point Farm, in case we needed additional locations!

The ease and generosity of the mid-Maine coast stands in stark contrast to what can often feel like the friction of the city. And the mid-Maine coast needs some of what the city has: booming industries and lots of jobs, more entrepreneurs with expanding enterprises. We want so much for our little film to be a part of what attracts the film industry to the area. And it would be the greatest gift to the film industry to get back from Maine a little of this…Maineness.




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