2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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Day 4 – This actually happened

So the best laid plans of mice and movies…

Of course our intention was to write every day, and give you the full countdown, and then the full build-up. However, Camden has been so absorbing and we’ve been so caught up in the pleasure and planning of being here, we’ve been neglecting to update you. Like in all film as we understand it, there’s the way you plan it and there’s the way it goes.

I wanted to share with you just one example of many of the ways Camden manages to express a level of unimaginable generosity:

The Camden/Rockport area is a film center as home to the Maine Media Workshops, which have been training film professionals in many ways: MFAs, professional certifications, and summer enrichment. When Caitlin and Caroline put the script together and we confirmed we would shoot this summer in Camden, there were A LOT of people we were told we must meet for their experience, contacts, generosity, locations, and general goodness.

One such person is Jack Churchill. Whereas he used to travel the country working in film, now he teaches film studies to high school students, collects and fixes motorcycles, and keeps spirits up around Camden. Jack has helped us find many young people eager to get some film experience in his high school class, and he speaks like a beaming father of the work his students produce.

Emily and I met up with him Thursday afternoon on his semi-regular perch that is the bench in front of Cappy’s Chowder House at the literal center of town. Jack has a jovial face and white beard, and you can see his smile from a block away. We approached and exchanged our niceties and I noticed he was wearing a bright yellow shirt (under his green fleece) that said “Trust me” in tiny letters and then PRODUCER in huge red type. Then it went like this:

me: I gotta get me one of those shirts.

Jack: You the producer?

me: Yeah…

Jack: Well I wore it just in case…

And then before I could say anything, THE MAN HANDS ME THE SHIRT OFF HIS BACK. Then he casually puts back on his green fleece, zips it up, and sits down on the bench to give us a wonderful lay of the land on Camden, his students, and other folks we should contact. He knew just about everyone who walked by us, too, and greeted them with his glowing smile.

I thought it was just a figure of speech, but his shirt was a literal expression of all that Camden has done for us to this point and continues to do, and it was so fitting that it happened RIGHT in the center of town.

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1 Ben { 07.02.11 at 10:52 pm }

Ha. Awesome story—Jack is THE man.

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