2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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DAY 3 – First overnight (of many…)

So we are all now trying to re-set our internal clocks to become nocturnal, at least for the balance of this week, as we wrapped our first overnight shoot at our location in Jefferson, and will spend the rest of the week filming at Cuzzy’s from 2am-2pm every day. Yucky.

Just that we are making a film together makes the wee hours not just tolerable but even fun. However, there is a constant reminder here that we are in NATURE, which is very NATURAL. Sometime around sunset, we were all bowled over that on the night of our first exterior night shoot we were able to watch the full moon rise over the lake. And as we all stood oohing and ahhing while the moon crept through the low-lying clouds to emerge bright and spectacular, we were absolutely swarmed with bugs of every size, shape, and bloodthirsty desire.

Fortunately, we came prepared with appropriate clothing and mosquito netting for the crew. And while slapping at bugs can be exhausting, it was offset by the sheer joy of working with people who looked like this all night:

This is blurry because Ryan was swatting bugs while taking it...



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