2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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So we knew this would be difficult, making our first film. I do not think we could have fully appreciated just how much work it would be for our small crew given that we are ALL pulling double duty. Our very normal-length days feel particularly tiring because there’s not much down time like there might normally be on a set (anyone who has spent any time on a set knows perfectly well there’s usually a lot of standing around). That being said, we managed to pull together a crew who has really risen to the occasion. It brings to mind a song I learned a long time ago that has stuck with me forever:

The cooperation on and off set (as we are all sharing housing, cars, meal times) has been phenomenal to experience and vital to the success of this first week and a half of shooting. And, it even comes from the most unexpected places. Like from Olive, the FitzGerald’s aging and sometimes grumpy (but always ADORABLE) dog. Olive decided she wanted to be in a scene. Lucinda, her owner, seems to have trained her exceptionally well (or Olive REALLY wanted to get a start in her movie career), because once Olive was placed, she stayed on her mark through five takes. Incredible.

Olive on her mark.


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