2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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One more night…

Hey friends-
We are about to begin our very last night of filming “Untitled Camden Maine Film” (we will do better with the title by release-date, we promise). In the next few weeks we will have time to share many more stories from these past four incredible weeks.
I want to write something (eventually) that will do justice to this experience, although as even the topic of our film suggests, there are times when words just fail.
This has been the most challenging and rewarding four weeks of my working life to date. We came together as a small, young cast and crew and there were times when it seemed like getting to today might be impossible. There weren’t enough days, not enough hours of night (to shoot all the night time scenes – something we could/should have known but didn’t know to ask!), not enough of us to do all the jobs we needed to do. However, I watched every single person here step up and do the work of two, three, four people. Even our interns, who are with us to gain work experience, have all become essential to this production on a daily basis, assumed roles far beyond their pay-grade, and performed exceptionally and gleefully. Harper Alexander, a film student, writer, and aspiring DP, showed up to lend a hand and immediately became and essential part of the G&E team. Shelden Overlock, who started out delivering the catering each day, mentioned he had some theater lighting experience and would like to help, and has been an absolute champion for all grip needs. Ella Smith stepped right in with Alli Birney and became a key person for the sound department on our big shoot-days.

I watched our entire crew last night push through a brutally long night because they can see the finish line. And the collective will of this group wants not just to finish, but to really succeed in doing their job the best they possibly can. Each time one crew member steps up, it challenges the rest of us to step up, too. And at the end of an incredibly hard night’s work, everyone was smiling, cheering, clapping, cracking jokes, lending a hand wherever it was needed to wrap up and get home to bed. And they’re sleeping and preparing to wake up and do it all again.

I am so deeply inspired by and grateful to every one of them. And on top of it all, they’re all delightful humans to be around.

I know that I won’t ever find the words to tell them how much this all means to us, who set out to do the impossible. Their hard work made it possible. And possibly spectacular.


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