2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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Director Caroline von Kuhn and an Exciting New Project!

I think a lot of first time directors might have looked scared or worried on their first day on set. Caroline looked exactly like a fish in water. Utterly at home, utterly comfortable, utterly in command. It was really impressive to watch as a creative partner but even moreso as a friend. I was producing for the first time and scared out of my wits on most days. That she seemed to walk on set knowing exactly what to do was impressive. I may or may not have done some google searches to see if she had, in fact, directed film before. She hadn’t.

I’ve since decided that Caroline must look at directing as a means to an end to get out into the world all the nuanced stories that live in her mind, and her calm and precision come from executing what she can see that most others probably can’t. Her latest endeavor, for which she departed for Norway exactly one day after we finished shooting Like the Water last year, is my proof of that. She has taken Peer Gynt, a Henrik Ibsen play (he’s the famous Norwegian playwright who wrote Hedda Gabler and A Doll’s House among others), and developed a theatre project in collaboration with a wheelchair using actor and using the contributions of the entire cast to unearth a story with which we all identify: a flawed soul wrestling with dreams and demons in pursuit of his fullest life.

Caroline has also taken the whole project to the next level: she enticed the Nationaltheatret of Norway to join as a co-producer and they’ve invited the whole team to their International Ibsen Festival this August for a developmental workshop, with the intention of producing the final production in 2014 which will travel to New York, London and Oslo. Caroline’s project represents the first American group they’ve invited in years and the first group that has a disabled and able-bodied integrated cast.

Her project is currently raising money and building steam. You should check out more about the project on their IndieGoGo page here:


And also check out the beautiful photos of the rehearsal process here:


And, finally, like the on facebook here:


Caroline is the consummate artist, tackling difficult intellectual material and injecting it with the human element, something with which we can identify across languages, cultures, and time.


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