2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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We’re spending the time in anticipation of our premiere admiring the folks who made it possible. Today, I’m going to heap loads of love on a person who I think exemplified why were successful. She embodies generosity of spirit, hard work, and is an artist in her own right.

Oh, the glorious Jane Rosenthal, who flew herself out to Maine from LA because she wanted to be involved in a project she found out about through her parents, who are family friends of the FitzGeralds. She said, “I’ll be an intern.” In about 24 hours on the ground in Camden, she had rendered herself utterly indispensable. She was proactive, she took on all sorts of challenges, and if I may say, always looked marvelously cool doing whatever she was doing.

And while she makes a spectacular Key PA, she’s actually a published poet. And she edits a literary magazine. (Like I said, so COOL.) You should check out the offerings:

theneweryork.com, an experimental literary publisher and arthouse out of Brooklyn and Santa Monica.

Her poetry and thoughts are on a very well curated tumblr: Jane In Bed

And you can just go ahead an buy the awesome lit mag on Amazon. Do it.

From The Newer York:

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Big Girl Panties

Last summer scared the shit out of me.

I believe in fear.  I believe that it can be an extremely creative energy.  I know that when I get asked to do something and it scares the hell out of me, I have to do it.  Why?  Because every time I have felt extreme fear and moved through it, I have had the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Last summer was one of those experiences.  As the time to go to Maine drew near, what kept running through my head was: who the hell do we think we are????  We were 6 friends who had a bold vision, but no practical experience of getting a film made.  We were sure to fail miserably!!!  Oh God what have we done????

This is what I told myself and the other actresses on set:  it’s time to put on the big girl panties.  It’s time to live a life of bold dreams, no regrets, full of life force and vitality.  We pushed ourselves to our edges, and demanded that of our tribe members.  I did many things I have never done before:  acted with my students (terror!), howled and keened and wept and stormed (horror!), swam naked in the lakes (nausea-inducing!), took a Zumba class (?????!!!)… the list goes on…

Here’s what I learned:  every day I was scared, and every day I went to sleep feeling more alive than I ever have.  This idea of the big girl panties is so useful to me-that when I feel the little bratty part of myself taking over, when I feel fear and I start a little temper tantrum inside, and I fight to keep myself safe and small, I think of Maine.  I think of how I witnessed the women in my tribe stepping up in a big way.  I believe in their bigness, and I believe I stepped up too.  I believe in my bigness.   I silence the brat by taking bold steps despite the fear.  I believe in my big girl panties.

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Sorry to be a downer…

I came across this post on Indiewire and wanted to share with everyone, men and women. It is a sad reality that there are so few women getting to make movies in this business and it’s time for a change. It is flawed and unfair that 95% of the stories we are being told in film are coming from the boys. I wanna say to the ladies out there who dream about making their own movies- I can’t wait to see what you got, don’t wait for anyone to give you permission to get started,  and if they won’t let us in to Cannes, we’ll start our own damn festival!


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