2011 Feature Film shot in Camden, ME
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Shooting Style

“Our style of shooting blends fiction and documentary: the camera is neither an observer nor a character, but rather an extension of the protagonist’s mind. Each frame will follow the specifics of narrative filmmaking while ready to capture the spontaneous moments of documentary. To achieve this we will use one of the newest high definition digital cinema cameras, high quality yet compact, allowing for non-invasive filming. The high definition cameras will be paired with high quality prime lenses allowing for selective focus and a precise frame. It is essential to our story that the camera and crew be as small as possible, providing more space for the story to unfold naturally in the surroundings. The landscape of Maine is inseparable from the narrative and becomes the foundation for the psychological and emotional development of the main character. The warm, but muted palette of gray, green and blue is inspired by the natural landscape of Maine, and grows warmer into yellows, oranges and reds as the film progresses.  This color shift underscores the main character’s development through the story.  The camera serves as an extension of her mind, at times allowing the audience access to her inner thoughts, but always remaining with her in the story.  The camera will capture mood and tone, dwelling at length on painterly moments, allowing the viewer to be fully absorbed within the image.”

-Eve M. Cohen, Director of Photography